The Magic of Tradition

"American Uzbek Group [Gulistan Dance Theater] was received with great admiration for their premiere show.
They captivated audiences with each of their different costumes and authentic dances." 
Istasyon Gazetisi, Turkey, 2016

Photo by Wojciech Fry-Lewis.

GULISTAN dedicates itself to the faithful presentation and preservation of the traditional dances of a variety of Central Asian cultures, and seeks to entertain, enlighten and educate its audiences by sharing the beauty, joy, grace and humanity inherent in these millennia-old Eastern arts.

Displayed in colorful, festive costumes and enlivened by the artful use of authentic props, GULISTAN's elegant and rhythmic dances evoke the courts and caravansarais of the historic and fabled Silk Road. 

GULISTAN specializes in the refined and nuanced dances of Uzbekistan and has been entrusted with over a dozen choreographies by People's Artists of Uzbekistan  Viloyat Akilova and her late father, Isakhar Akilov. 

In addition to Uzbekistan, concerts sweep audiences away to Tajikistan, East Turkestan (Xinjiang, China), Azerbaijan and Iran, with stops in the fascinating cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Khiva, Kashgar, Baku, Tehran and more.

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